Greeting, Commanders!

In our first Chronicle, we talked about the true asymmetry of factions, and now we’d like to go one step further and start showing them to you. There will be a total of 7 factions in the core game, and 5 additional ones unlocked via the Aftermath, including 1 that will be created by the community during the campaign! 

Introducing : Delverar – The Forgotten Guardians


One species – one planet. The golden rule of the old Federation to maintain peace and stability throughout their empire. For generations, we stayed true to that law, even after their Fall. Many believe it is our virtue, the way of keeping our utopian society alive and our secrets safe. 

For the Delverar were given the sacred duty of protecting the secrets of the Federation. Our planet is a vault, a hidden refuge for the technologies, wonders and mysteries of an entire civilization. We don’t remember why we were chosen, though. Were we the most loyal or the easiest to manipulate? Were we the strongest, who wouldn’t fail to protect those wonders, or the weakest, who wouldn’t dare use them against their creators? 

Whatever the reason, we held true to our oath. Until now. 

We no longer stand proudly, we crawl, slowly dying in a barren world while looking over the treasures of a long-extinct civilization. We use technologies we don’t understand, and live according to a code we barely remember. 

We’re no longer guardians, we’re scavengers stuck in a collapsing utopia. 

And so the old rules must be discarded and a new path forged if we hope to survive. Maybe this was the true meaning of our duty, not to preserve the memories of the old Federation, but to rekindle the fire and resurrect it from the ashes.


As ancient keepers of knowledge, the Delverar’s Innate Abilities are tied to the Federation and its mysteries. 

They know the secret pathways of the Federation, and can navigate their ruins and use their forgotten technologies with ease, which grants them advanced mobility

They also have access to some of the ancient mysteries of the galaxy and can tap into this potential at the early stages of the game to unleash some powerful effects, such as starting with additional colonies, unlocking better tactic cards, exploiting more productive areas and many other potent rewards. 

This gives the Delverar a lot of flexibility when it comes to fighting their opponents, by choosing the best mystery to counter the opposing factions. As a result, their early-game is much more powerful than the rest of the factions, allowing them to build the most efficient early engine for their empire, even though this advantage will eventually level off as other players discover their own secrets and mysteries. 


Their Political Philosophies represent two different use of the ancient knowledge they possess. The Elective Conclave reinforces the Delverar natural flexibility by allowing them to tweak their engine and actions throughout the game, while the Meritocratic Society is more military-oriented and focuses on unit recruitment and technological improvement. 

Finally, the Delverar make use of a potent form of Combat Mastery called Combat Precognition, that break initiative ties in their favor, giving them the upper hand during battles. From a meta point of view, it reinforces the need for anticipation of the player in control, pushing the psychology of combat to its limit.

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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