Greeting, Commanders!

During our first Chronicle, we gave you an overview of the combat system, which is arguably one of the most innovative parts of the game. Today, we’d like to go further and show you in detail how it works. Check out this example of a battle between two armies, and we’ll explain the various concepts at play below.

Conflict Phase

As you’ve seen in the second Chronicle, each cycle ends in a Conflict phase during which all the battles are resolved in contested sectors. Battles allow players to secure control over sectors, which is required for various objectives, to siege and destroy enemy colonies, to exploit the Utopian sector with its unique rewards, or simply to gain the benefits of a living galaxy on the board. 

Each battle is made of up to 4 rounds, during which players simultaneously activate tactic cards.

Tactic Cards

Tactic cards represent the strategies that players can deploy based on the unit’s composition they currently have in the sector. Each card features 3 sets of information:


Initiative determines how quickly a card triggers (lower is better), and the order of resolution. Going first can allow a player to cripple their opponent’s armies before they even have time to attack, or to block the damage and force them to retreat in defeat.

By “feeling” an opponent’s strategy, and playing the appropriate counter with a better initiative, it’s possible to stop them dead in their tracks and devastate their offensive. 

Unit’s composition

Most tactics require specific units to trigger their effects (or they can’t be played at all), and usually benefit from a higher number to increase their damages. Only one composition can be triggered based on the available units in the sector. 

More diverse armies allow for a greater variety of tactics, while specialized armies can make a stronger use of some of the tactics. As a result, by analyzing an opponent’s army, it’s possible to anticipate some strategies they might favor, and come up with an appropriate counter. But, of course, they might also be planning accordingly. 

They know that you know that they know that you know… you know 😀 

Tech upgrade

On top of the main effects, each card can benefit from one or several technologies to improve its potency. 

Technological compositions can add new effects to the main units or diversify the damage type, which makes this particular tactic harder to counter. 

Some of them also bring unit diversity, allowing using different types of units on a same card, which can make it much more unpredictable to the opponent, and again harder to counter.

Improved tactics

On top of the 6 basic tactics, players can unlock new ones by creating military colonies, which will boost the military engine on their player board, and unlock new cards and units (Mech and Warship). This will considerably improve their power, but also their options, since they’ll be playing with 8 cards instead of 6, making them much harder to counter. 

On top of that, the tactic cards themselves can be improved by various means in the game, allowing players to replace Version I with Version II. The new and improved cards represent elite units and are much more powerful, with more diverse and potent effects. 

These upgraded versions also make better use of the already unlocked technologies, further enhancing the boosts provided by research, pushing potency and diversity of effect to the maximum to create some truly deadly combinations. But of course the opponents will be watching for them and planning their counters! 

Combat mastery & Faction specific

Finally, each faction possesses a special combat ability, called Mastery, that grants them a powerful and unique ability. These Masteries can also be upgraded by building military colonies for even more potency. 

On top of that, some factions also have specific tactics that replace some of the basic ones, making them more specialized, and difficult to predict and counter.

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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