Greeting, Commanders!

In the first reveal, we showed you the Delverar, guardians of the Federation’s secrets. Today, we’ll show you their polar opposite, a faction bent on destruction and chaos. As a reminder, there will be a total of 7 factions in the core game, and 5 additional ones unlocked via the Aftermath, including 1 that will be created by the community during the campaign! 

Introducing : Borroka – The Legion of the Void


We were born from the void, brought forth to precipitate the end of all things. For a while the universe was filled with voices, so many that we couldn’t hear Hers anymore. But the voices went silent a long time ago, and we heard the call again, the words that give us purpose: life is a feast, consume everything

Our prophets listened and they will now lead us back to the void, once everything has been consumed.

Our ascension.

There are still other voices out there, but far less, and all of them lost. We feel the excitement anew everytime we meet these so-called lifeforms. “We come in peace”, “Let’s make a deal”, “We surrender”, poetry spelled in fear and blood, a foolish attempt to cling to their fleeting lives. 

They do not understand our purpose, and the beauty of our vision. They cannot comprehend the scope and glory of our gospel. And yet the picture is so clear to us, painted in the cosmos on a canvas of wrecked spaceships, scorched cities, blood soaked planets and dying stars. 

The end comes for us all and the void calls.


The Borroka swarm is a plague on the living universe. They can’t be reasoned with and will consume everything in their path. 

As a result, their Innate Abilities are very destructive in nature.

With Devourer of Worlds, the Borroka can permanently remove a defeated enemy unit from the game instead of sending it back to the player’s reserve, which can quickly cripple your opponent’s armies, and make an engagement with the Borroka a dangerous affair that inevitably leads to attrition.

Additionally, the Borroka benefits from destroying the galaxy. Hunger for entropy allows them to bring forth new units every time a galactic event is removed from the board, which means that they grow stronger as they deplete other players’ options. 

Their Political Philosophies represent two different castes of prophets the Borroka follow. The Fanatic Order reinforces the aggressive nature of the faction, allowing them to swarm the board and destroy units more efficiently. Central Directive on the other hand is more expansion-oriented and focuses on colonizing and consuming the board as soon as possible to overwhelm your opponents’s engines. 

Finally, the Borroka combat is centered on sensing the opponent and swarming them with units. Their Combat Mastery called Sense of Danger replaces the Flanking tactic card with Swarm Attack, a huge source of damages that, if allowed to proc, can devastate enemy armies. Any opponent that fails to act quickly and with overwhelming firepower will see their armies consumed by the Borroka.

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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