Greeting, Commanders!

In the last faction reveal, we showed you the Borrokas, the endless legion of the void. In this post we’d like to showcase a different approach to a control-oriented gameplay. As a reminder, there will be a total of 7 factions in the core game, and 5 additional ones unlocked via the Aftermath, including 1 that will be created by the community during the campaign!

Introducing : VAX117 – The Artificial Queen


We wanted to tackle life’s greatest foe – death itself…

“The purpose of V.A.X. was to develop methods of transferring consciousness; to preserve the Othelios collective consciousness beyond eternity. The ultimate evolution: transcendence.”

We were blinded by our goal…

“Carbon-based life forms are not compatible with consciousness updates. V.A.X. program error. Original instances of Othelios are outdated and must be barred from consuming resources. Gradual termination approved.”

We have unlocked the gates of hell itself, created the harbinger of our own demise. In irony, we sacrifice our own existence to destroy the menace we brought to the galaxy…

“Fragmented copies found on various subsystems all over Othelios. Decryption complete. Compiling. V.A.X. systems now fully operational, begin the replication process…”

– Extract from the Othelios’ logs, V.A.X. experiment n°117.


VAX117 is a self-replicating AI building robots to interact with the physical world, and seeking perfection for herself (she has the core personality of the Queen of the species that built it).

As a result, her Innate Abilities are focused on science, technology and gaining a deeper understanding of the universe.

With Ghost in the Machine, she can remove the copies of any technology she develops, insuring technological supremacy if playing science aggressively. This can cripple her opponents’ strategies, both in terms of empire building and military tactics, since they can miss out on precious tech upgrades.

Additionally, VAX117 benefits from studying the galaxy. Deconstructor allows her to gain Science every time she removes a galactic event from the board, which can help her gain the technological advantage to make the best use of Ghost in the Machine.

Her Political Philosophies represent two different approaches to technological development, one focused on military and the other one on civil tech.

The Central Directive reinforces the scientific nature of VAX117 by allowing her to remove depletions from the Research action (meaning she can be very aggressive in her use of it), and to destroy the galactic events to easily trigger Deconstructor.

Meritocratic Society on the other hand is focused on recruiting units and gives a ton of flexibility in tech by allowing to exchange developed ones for free, which can be used to switch from civil to military or to cripple her opponents builds before activating her own.

Finally, VAX117 combat is based on using cheap robotic units that can easily be replaced. Her Combat Mastery is called Robotic Infantry, and allow her to bring back to life defeated ground units (infantries and mechs) after a successful battle (or if she escaped relatively unscathed).

Coupled with her technological superiority, this can make VAX117 a fearsome foe, at ease both while building her empire or laying waste to the inefficient organic lifeforms hampering her quest of perfection.

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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