Greeting, Commanders!

In the last faction reveal, we showed you the mechanical VAX117, today we’ll show you the most “human-like” faction of Fractal. As a reminder, there will be a total of 7 factions in the core game, and 5 additional ones unlocked via the Aftermath, including 1 that will be created by the community during the campaign! 

Introducing : Exodians – The Wandering Alliance


Some say that we were free to choose at some point.

All we can remember is obedience. A world unified by Tauren Cassius, the emperor of a new age of humanity who led his golden armies against us. Obedience. Stability. Progress. A new justice. A promised paradise.

An empire built on a lie by the great manipulator.

And so we fought. Better die free than live shackled. The fires of rebellion burned for generations, children fighting in memories of their parents, for dreams of our fabled freedom. But each new rebellion movement was more desperate than the last.

Until the Exodians dream emerged, the old fever to explore the stars. Suddenly we saw a way out, a path for our vision of humanity, throughout the stars. We built Exodus, our colony ship, and left the war and its folly behind to build a dream amidst the stars, to find our purpose as a species.

But then the Federation collapsed while we were adrift in the cosmos. 

And so now we emerge again, ready to fill the vacuum, to find our freedom and rebuild a new world.

A better world.


The foundation of the Exodian faction is unshakable trust in comrades and society, to avoid falling in the pitfalls that forced their exodus in the first place. 

Their Innate Abilities reflect this path of self-reliance through two different skills. 

Children of the rebellion reward them with infantries when replacing their colonies (representing the democracy and the common will of the people), thus creating a very fluid faction able to easily shift its focus to suit the needs of their current strategy. 

Iron Discipline on the other hand rewards military science when improving tactic cards to their Elite versions (representing the military mindset of the Exodian faction as a whole). This can snowball into a powerful, specialized and technologically advanced army that becomes very hard to fight against.

The choice of Government is tied to the dual-nature of the Exodians.

Elective conclave reinforces the democratic nature of the faction and allows the Exodians to replace colonies and action cards, synergizing directly with Children of the Rebellion, and pushing to the extreme the versatility and flexibility of the faction. 

Military State on the other hand allows them to easily train Elite troops (by upgrading tactic cards), which in turn synergizes with Iron Discipline to create a powerful and highly skilled military corps.

Finally, the Combat Mastery pushes this last trend to the extreme. With Elite Training, the Exodians can improve the initiative of their tactic cards, making their armies extremely difficult to deal with as they often strike first.

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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