Greeting, Commanders!

In the last faction reveal, we showed you the cold-blooded traders/slavers known as Gorias. Today we’ll introduce the last faction of the core game, and a very alien one at that. As a reminder, there will be a total of 7 factions in the core game, and 5 additional ones unlocked via the Aftermath, including 1 that will be created by the community during the campaign! 

Introducing : Txingur – The True Hive



The whispers of shifting sands, larvae swirling, eggs crackling, wings pulling upwards; our slumber is finally over! We have slept far too long. Hundreds of sunrises have crested this planet, thousands of moons forever gone. Time when we should have proliferated. But the risk was too high. We still remember the diseased creatures, the Great Plague that brought death in its wake and forced us to hide in fear of contagion, of their wills infecting ours.

The delusional species are gone now, those who couldn’t speak with one voice. Those who lacked unity and the purpose given by a single mind and a shared vision.

They called us monsters, with their millions of voices, their cacophony of chaos and destruction. Now that this virus is almost gone, wiped from existence by its own destructive appetite, we emerge again, ready to bring new life to the universe. To let our voice be heard.

Unity, at last.


The Txingur are insect-like aliens bound together by a true hive mind. They think as one, free of individuality, which puts them at odds with most other species in the galaxy. Blessed with this shared mind, they are free to grow and develop extremely quickly. 

Their Innate Abilities reflect that. The Txingur can’t recruit infantries the way other factions can, instead they multiply by advancing, making them one of the most mobile and overwhelming species in the galaxy. 

Their second ability is a bit different and is tied to the use of a unique government type that only they can make use of: the Collective Overmind. Thanks to this government, they can make greater use of the advance and colonize actions, which when used along their innate ability, allow them to expand and grow very quickly. They can also add infantries to their armies, greatly offsetting their natural restriction and reinforcing their already tremendous growth capabilities.

The Txingur can also make use of the Trade Federation government, which also reinforces their abilities to advance and colonize, but focuses more on making use of every resources in a system rather than expanding their population, allowing the Txingur to seize control of exploitation areas throughout the board to gain a considerable amount of resources. 

Finally, their Combat Mastery is tied to their unique evolution capabilities. With Accelerated Evolution,  they can transform infantries into lightships when in battle (the swarm can quickly assemble living, organic ships) and even mechs once upgraded to Elite through the military track. Coupled with their ability to advance and reproduce quickly, the Txingur can summon literal swarms to taker over the galaxy, finally unifying every sector in perfect unity. 


As we reach the end of our presentation of the core factions, we’d like to add a few things based on some feedback the community provided. While these factions have been heavily tested, we’re constantly balancing and tweaking the game further, and there is a possibility they might evolve again before we reach the true final state of the game. If they do, we’ll update the community with the new changes and our reasoning behind them, so there’s no surprise there. 

Also, these factions, while presented as of one mind and philosophy, are all rediscovering their purpose and nature at the beginning of Fractal. The Aftermath contains secrets that will bring them nuance and renewed purpose. And even factions that may seem straightforward in their approach might find nuance and a new struggle in the lights of the events of the Aftermath. 

So stay tuned for more as we near the campaign, we’ll provide some examples of what we have in mind, so you understand the weight of the Aftermath and the way it affects even the core aspects of the game. 

Thank you for reading!

Thank you for reading, we’ll introduce the other factions in the coming months, so stay tuned to BGG for more in-depth look. 

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