Eons have passed since the final days of the Federation, a long slumber in the inescapable clutches of time. The ancient empires have been shattered, their fragments scattered to the cosmic winds, seeding the galaxy with tales and stories of a once great legacy. 

One planet, one civilization, the guiding principle of the federation. Words of supposed wisdom to fight the blackness of the void and the terrors of the unknown. A foolish attempt to rule over infinity. But they forgot that there is no escaping entropy, and in their hubris, selfishness and shortsightedness, doomed themselves.

As their planets turned to dust, they found themselves rulers of emptiness and the Federation was consumed by the sudden hunger of a thousand empires of the void.  

And yet on these forgotten worlds decimated by war and famine, something is stirring again. Reborn species, awaken swarms and emergent consciousnesses, all looking up to the stars to reclaim what was once theirs: peace and war, prosperity and decadence, enlightenment and ignorance, order and chaos, the endless cycle.

Their legacy. 


Exploration plays a central part in Fractal if you want to fully exploit the modular board. Galactic events offer challenges and opportunities to tip the scales of war and help you build and expand your empire.

Ancient mysteries, secrets of the Federation and cosmic singularities are hidden throughout the sectors and their control can clear the path to victory.



The various sectors can boost your resources and help you expand your economic, military and scientific supremacy.

Through colonization, exploration and war, you’ll be able to develop powerful technologies, and a strong economy, in turn gaining more versatility and flexibility of actions each turn.


With each new colony, you’ll shape the future of your empire and decide its focus and philosophy. By extending your influence, you’ll be able to exert more power and put strong political moves in motion.

The expansion will also let you build a more efficient engine to fully exploit the full capabilities of your civilization and harness its potential.



Tactic cards, technology upgrades, faction abilities and combat masteries offer an epic combat system based on deception, bluff and deduction.

By upgrading your tactics, expanding your armies and unlocking new units, you’ll be able to wage a war of attrition or blitz your opponent’s sectors and reap the fruits of military dominance.


Each of the 12 factions has a unique gameplay that deeply affects how you approach each path to victory for a truly asymmetrical experience.

This uniqueness is created by the alliance of three game mechanics: the faction’s innate ability, its combat mastery and political philosophy.


The Aftermath

The Aftermath is a story-driven, dynamic campaign that represents the changing state of the galaxy throughout the various gaming sessions.

Each new step of the campaign will deeply alter the content and mechanics of the game, introducing new variant rules, new scenarios and other deep modifications of the core experience.

DISCLAIMER: all the components and elements shown on this page are work in progress and may differ in the final product.

Your opinion matters!

Although the game is nearly done, we are still polishing all the elements. We care for your opinion and would love to hear your thoughts! Join our fantastic community now and take part in polls, challenges and feedback sessions, and help us shape the final version of the game!


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Fractal Chronicles

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