Welcome Commanders.


Rulebook, Erratas, Clarifications and Sheets

We’ve prepared a convenient document for you to access all the necessary documents and rulebooks, including erratas and clarifications. Inside, you’ll always find the latest versions of the rulebook for the core game and the automata, along with the campaign sheet and player sheet for the thrilling Beyond the Void campaign. Everything you need is right there, waiting for you to dive in and enjoy!


Optimizing the Insert Arrangement

We’ve designed an incredibly user-friendly insert to neatly organize every game component, ensuring intuitive storage. For added clarity, here are two pictures that provide visual guidance in case of any confusion.

The lower insert offers extra room, a production-based constraint that provides additional space for users interested in customizing their components or 3D printing tokens.


Bernardo Rippe


Iker Uriarte, Romain Lesiuk

Automata Design

Bernardo Rippe, Fernando Campon, Jose Sánchez

Visual Designer & Kickstarter Trailer

Yann Hilaire


Tom Lopez

Inserts Designer

Matt Haley


Darryl Anderson, Wade Fong, Miguel Gordo, Adrien Martel

Digital Resources

Wade Fong, Mike Hall

Playtest companies

Kicktesters, LittleBoardgame House, Player Lair

Thank you to all Fractal's guardians.

This project has been a labor of love spanning several years, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the incredible support and contributions of so many amazing individuals. We are deeply grateful to all of you who have been involved in any capacity, offering your time, support, and valuable feedback. Fractal’s success is a testament to your involvement and dedication. On behalf of the entire team, we extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you.


Adam Skindzier, Matthew Messerli, Fernand Campon, Francisco Velazco, Darryl Anderson, Norman Obst, Winston Lee, Kevin Lee, Ken Martí, Alexis Mojica, Juan Sáez, Balazs Pastor, Balazs Nemes, Jozsef Gal, Krzystof Figaj.

Legendary Characters

Wade Fong (The Mastermind), Matthew Messerli (The Brainstormer), Adam Skindzier (The Technocrat), Vincent Klempau (The Champion), Brandon Jacques (The Jubilant), Dominic Hurov (The Fire Chicken), Bryce Williams (The Ronin),  Norman Obst (The Real), Zen Yan (The Exiled)

Honorable Community Members

Eugene, Vanayad, Hendrick, 94067, MrSteve, xRyzZ, kryptykal, drakanis82, Smerkantes, Crow, HeAt, Zeratul, Alkainfluence, Asmodius, Cheshy, Hedgehamster, SkullHydra, Irene (Let’s go Ukraine!), Kazeh, Kyleth, Pizzicat, BoB, PlatoBob, Sylvanas, Tamas O, Wappe, 

If we accidentally missed mentioning anyone in our thank you section, please know it’s just a little lapse of memory and absolutely nothing more. We’re truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Exploring the universe

During the campaign, we invited you to come up with creative names for the game sectors, and you really exceeded our expectations! We were blown away by the incredible number of suggestions we received. We pulled 36 of you out of our hats, assigned their sectors, and ta-da! Behold our magnificent explorers’ pantheon!

Josh Mcilroy, Kvin, Brice, Britta Böhnke, Michael Hal, Michael Vincenti, Rick Kennedy, Realarete, Jan Tepe, Teowulff, Indomeeple by Axel Gros, Hedgehamster, Amy L, Wee, Rowen Chumacera, Henri Vänskä, Amos Rogiani, Sébastien, Saucez, Andreas, TrojanWade, Andrew Rasdall, Jonne Kocken, Florian Dumusois, Ken Marti, Matterhorn, Nicolas Sas, Mark Popp, Dave Coutu, Dan Pugh, Tolis Koutsikos, Jess Ansorge, Erica-Seth Richardson, Paolo Varotto, Gerd Teniers, Pillon Christophe, Chris Rogers

We also want to express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you. It’s been an absolute joy to share in this delightful experience together.