Fractal, Beyond the Void is redefining the 4X genre by offering an extensive and fluid strategic game experience within a constantly evolving narrative-driven universe, set in a legacy backdrop.

2-4 Players

Ages 14 & Up


The fall of the Federation.

Centuries have passed since the fall of the Federation, the galaxy's once-mighty empire. Now, several species embark on a journey into the cosmos to flee their dying planets. Their collective objective remains unchanged: to reconstruct their civilizations and revive their past greatness. However, only a single ruler can emerge triumphant.

Control of their fates.

As you assume control of their fates, others will do the same and stand in your way. How you face the challenges of this awakening is up to you. Will you rise above the petty struggles to form an empire of peace and stability, or devolve into baseless aggression and conflict? Will you work together to explore the deepest secrets of the galaxy or run towards a scientific age of discovery?

Redefining Strategy.

Fractal is a living, breathing world, with a story-driven legacy campaign: the Aftermath. As you play, you’ll discover a deep and rich lore spanning millennia, and featuring cosmic Gods, fallen empires and warring civilizations. The choices you will make and your victories will shape the fate of the universe and let you unveil the secrets of the game. The core game also pushes the boundaries of the genre further with a lot of bold and innovative designs, among which:

  • Faction asymmetry. Each faction has three different points of asymmetry: their innate abilities, political philosophies and battle masteries, for a modular and completely different experience based on your civilization.
  • Tactic cards. There are no dice in the game, and you’ll never lose a battle because of bad luck. Instead, the combat system was devised as an intense game of bluff, deception and deduction based on upgradable tactic cards, with an initiative-based turn-order.
  • Living galaxy. The game contains various mechanics and components whose purpose is to create a universe in flux, so players are forced to adapt to the game instead of mindlessly playing the same strategy over and over again.

Finally, the design and art work in tandem to create a modern, visually impacting take on the genre, and a true 4X experience of the future.

⸺ Core Game

The core game is a refined, compact and intense 4X, in which 2 to 4 players fight for control of the galaxy. The asymmetry of the factions, randomness of the board layout and events and modularity of the objectives ensure a highly replayable, constantly renewed experience.

⸺ Empire Boards

The empire board is your dual-layered control center and allow you to keep track of every aspect of your game. The components are streamlined as much as possible to create an easy to setup, focused experience that lets you plan and strategize without having to worry about missing anything.

⸺ Tactics and Masteries

Combat in Fractal is everything but a random affair with our tactic cards. Initiative, units composition, types of damage all come together to form a system of bluff, deduction and deception for highly dynamic battles.
The unique faction masteries allow you to tailor your combat strategy.

⸺ Beyond the Void

Beyond the Void is the first campaign of Fractal, using our custom legacy framework: the Aftermath. It offers a full narrative experience where every action has consequences, and where the fate of the universe will be decided by the victories and defeats and every player around the table.

⸺ Unlock components

Amongst other components, factions themselves can be expanded by unlocking new governments and masteries, pushing always further their natural asymmetry. 5 new factions can also be discovered, all with unique mechanics and gameplay, and all freely usable in the core experience once encountered during the campaign.

⸺ Automata

While Fractal is a solid experience at 2, 3 and 4 players, we decided we could push the game even further and develop it as a full solo game. The Automata is not just a variant or a series of tweaks to the rules, it’s a framework used to fully automate any of the core factions.