The Automata is an expansion for Fractal that simulates up to 2 neutral players using any of the core factions of the game. With it, you can add new opponents to 2 and 3 players games and even unlock solo play.

1-3 Players

Ages 14 & Up


Unbreakable Bonds Amidst the Cosmos.

Unbreakable Bonds Amidst the Cosmos
A vast universe unfolded as we embarked on our ascension, revealing a tapestry of companions and allies. In their unwavering support, we found courage, solace, and encouragement. Together, we formed unbreakable bonds, illuminating the path towards fulfillment and purpose.

Confronting Enigmatic Adversaries.

Amidst the cosmos, we encountered adversaries immune to persuasion, threats, and reason. Their secret agendas shrouded in mystery, they challenged our resolve at every turn. To fulfill our destiny, we must navigate the intricate web they weave, unmasking their intentions and clearing the path for our ascension.

Redefining Strategy.

Fractal is a living, breathing world, with a story-driven legacy campaign: the Aftermath. As you play, you’ll discover a deep and rich lore spanning millennia, and featuring cosmic Gods, fallen empires and warring civilizations. The choices you will make and your victories will shape the fate of the universe and let you unveil the secrets of the game. The core game also pushes the boundaries of the genre further with a lot of bold and innovative designs, among which:

  • Faction asymmetry. Each faction has three different points of asymmetry: their innate abilities, political philosophies and battle masteries, for a modular and completely different experience based on your civilization.
  • Tactic cards. There are no dice in the game, and you’ll never lose a battle because of bad luck. Instead, the combat system was devised as an intense game of bluff, deception and deduction based on upgradable tactic cards, with an initiative-based turn-order.
  • Living galaxy. The game contains various mechanics and components whose purpose is to create a universe in flux, so players are forced to adapt to the game instead of mindlessly playing the same strategy over and over again.

Finally, the design and art work in tandem to create a modern, visually impacting take on the genre, and a true 4X experience of the future.

⸺ The Automata

While Fractal is a solid experience at 2, 3 and 4 players, we decided we could push the game even further and develop it as a full solo game. The Automata is not just a variant or a series of tweaks to the rules, it’s a framework used to fully automate any of the core factions.

⸺ AI Factions

The Automata is able to automate the behavior of each of the 7 core factions of the game thanks to its own custom AI faction mats, which include some faction-specific abilities that aim to reproduce the asymmetry of the player-controlled factions. The passive ability, action card effect and evolutive skill all come together to allow the personality of each faction to transpire in the game.

⸺ AI Empire boards

The Automata uses its own dual layer empire board, which works in a similar way to the player’s one, but is designed specifically to accommodate the Automata’s components.
It ensures a focused and streamlined experience while using the various AI cards, as everything you need to play is conveniently placed on and around a single board, for maximum efficiency and minimum headaches.

⸺ AI Behaviors

Whenever the Automata needs to recruit or advance, players can check the currently active AI behavior card, where a simple decision tree will dictate where to recruit, which units to move and where. Player agency is almost non-existent and the cards take care of 95% of the decision process.
Because these behaviors are randomly determined by the AI protocols, and change from turn to turn, they make the Automata a highly unpredictable and life-like opponent.

⸺ AI Protocol and units

AI protocol cards determine the actions performed by the Automata each turn.
The discarded and active cards act as two parts of a whole unit, indicating which actions to trigger and what behavior to follow for the recruit and advance actions. The AI protocol also syncs with the AI unit card on the empire board to handle the evolutive recruitment of units from turn to turn and cycle to cyle.

⸺ AI Tactics

During conflict, the Automata uses AI tactics, which emulate the players’ own tactic cards.
They make similar use of initiative, unit composition and damages (or blocks) and follow the normal rules of battle.
Military technologies can also amplify their effects, and new elite cards can be added to the deck to improve it further.
The careful distribution of cards and effects simulates the game of deduction and deception that occurs during players’ battles, making the Automata a formidable and realistic opponent.