X-ODUS, Rise of the Corruption is a collaborative adventure and tactical game for 1 to 4 players, with a rogue-like mechanic and RPG elements, in a sci-fi setting.

1-4 Players

Ages 14 & Up

90-150 min

The Precursors.

The Precursors were an advanced civilization that once ruled over thousands of star systems in the Milky Way. Despite their disappearance, their influence persists in the myths and legends of many cultures. The Galactic Council funds missions to explore the ancient empire using the Precursors' creation, the hyperspace lanes.

The Corruption.

"The Rise" marks a pivotal moment in Precursor history as the first Rift was created, leading to their downfall. From the dimensional passage emerged the Corruption, a synthetic entity of nanomachines with an insatiable appetite. The Corruption swiftly consumed resources and overran the system, forcing the Precursors to retreat and marking the beginning of the invasion.

Unique gaming experience.

Set in the distant future, players take command of powerful spaceships, and explore the Galaxy to try and prevent an ancient entity known as the Corruption to rise and destroy all life.

The modular board of hexagonal tiles, revealed as the game progresses, along with the random enemies, allies, explorations and events, creates an always renewed experience.
On top of that, each spaceship has a different role, and as you play and evolve, you get to choose new abilities with each level. Many of these synergize with each other and with other ships as well, creating a vast number of possible team combinations and ways to approach each situation.

The game is also highly cooperative,and generates a lot of player interaction around the table when strategizing, planning your next moves or simply fighting together against powerful enemies.

Finally, with immersive art, design and texts, each new game tells the story of a band of adventurers saving the Galaxy, and the hardships they face along the way.

⸺ Roguelike

The modular board, random encounters, enemies, allies and explorations, all create a very high replayability value, ensuring that each game is a new experience.

⸺ Cooperative

The Fleet system where the players share their actions, coupled with some very tactical decisions, favors discussions and creates a huge amount of interaction around the table.

⸺ RPG Elements

Each of the six player Ships have unique abilities, allowing you to evolve and specialize as the game progresses to better suit the team, situation or simply your play style.

⸺ Narrative

Each game is made of key events, tense encounters and nail-biting chases across the galaxy. Coupled with a visual design using a HUD to immerge you in the cockpit, you’ll live a unique story. Yours.