In the distant reaches of space, an ancient civilization known as the Precursors once thrived, their technology and wisdom unmatched. But their downfall came swiftly with the emergence of the Corruption, a synthetic entity composed of countless nanomachines—an otherworldly intelligence with a dark and insatiable appetite, threatening to consume all in its path.

As the Precursors face imminent defeat and with their backs against the wall, they launch a daring mission to close the Main Rift, the gateway through which the Corruption poured into their universe.

But to achieve this monumental task, they must confront their ultimate challenge: defeat the last the Avatar of the Corruption, a nightmarish entity born of chaos and despair. The Avatar stands as the final guardian of the Main Rift, determined to thwart any who dare to challenge its dominion.

As they gather their strength and steel their resolve, the Precursors prepare for the most important battle of their life, The Last Stand.

1-4 Players

Ages 14 & Up

45-90 min

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