We are pretty much there!

Please note that transportation times can vary based on the destination country and the specific carrier handling your shipment. Consequently, it’s not uncommon to notice prolonged transit times or extended periods where the package appears to be in transit. We understand this can be concerning, but rest assured, this situation typically resolves itself once the holiday rush subsides.

We kindly request your patience and understanding during this time. We understanding the frustration but we are committed to ensuring your order reaches you as swiftly as possible.


If your order has been returned due to an issue with the delivery address, rest assured that I’ll personally look into it after January 7th. I’ll reach out to you directly to find the best solution. Please note, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all fix, but rather an individual investigation to understand what went wrong.


I know it’s frustrating to miss an item, or receive the wrong language game, and I’m working hard to fix this issue swiftly. I’m reliant on our fulfillment partner, but I’m actively managing this situation. I understand it may seem like a long wait, but I’m doing my best to expedite the process. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

Spare Parts:

For backers who have contacted us, I’ve logged each inquiry as an internal case. While I’ve replaced many items during our regular fulfillment process, some are still pending. I prioritize these based on how inconvenient the issue is, focusing first on missing items over damaged ones.

Rest assured that all information is documented and will be promptly addressed upon my return. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Each backer has received a direct email regarding their custom situation faced in the UK. Here is a copy of that message:

I’ve recently become aware that you may be encountering customs charges on your order, which, understandably, shouldn’t occur.

I dispatched all orders DDP (Delivery Duty Paid). In essence, this means that as the sender of the package, I cover the duty costs before its arrival in the UK. Whether it’s an error on the customs’ part or a mistake from our fulfillment center, at this point, I’m uncertain. I’m actively investigating, but I need to prepare for the worst-case scenario.

Should you receive a letter detailing these charges, please contact me at boredgameink@gmail.com. Create a new message instead of replying directly to this one.
Please include ‘CUSTOMS CHARGE – ORDER ID’ in the subject line (you can find your order ID on Gamefound and in the shipment notification from FFE, along with the tracking number.)

Kindly attach an image (jpg/png/pdf only) of the customs charge letter as well as the tracking number.

Presently, there are two possible outcomes:

  • Either I resolve the issue beforehand, rectifying the mistake made by FFE/DHL, thereby avoiding this entire situation.
  • Either I’ll request that you pay these charges in advance, and naturally, I will refund you. There’s a possibility that I can directly settle the charge myself, but I’m not entirely certain how that process works.


I’m investing significant effort into resolving this issue, and in all cases, any additional costs will be covered by me, not you.
Therefore, I kindly urge you to contact me to address this issue. If the package is returned without prior communication and resolution, I won’t be able to resend it without additional charges. Shipping costs to the UK are expensive, not to mention the return fees and the DDP expenses, which I’ve already paid despite their apparent ineffectiveness.

I sincerely apologize for this situation. Seems my Christmas holiday won’t be as relaxing as I had hoped.
I understand your frustration, but more than anything, I require your understanding. I took every precaution to prevent this, yet somehow, I find myself affected by a partner’s mistake. Hence, I ask you to communicate kindly or comment respectfully. I’m only here to help, and I’ll make things right, regardless of the circumstances.

Thank you for your attention,

As of Friday, December 22nd, we have 5 orders left to fulfil. These larger orders are palletized and require a bit more attention. December was extremely busy, and we didn’t want to take any risks. These orders will be shipped in early January.

All orders are shipped for US Backers. Yeah!

For Canada:

Regrettably, Whalebacker overlooked including around 26 orders containing a Core game in the initial shipment.

These orders will be included in the upcoming shipment to Canada, scheduled to depart at the end of December. We estimate that you should expect to receive these orders by the end of January 2024.

I have personally emailed all backers, detailing the issue and providing information about the revised timeline.

Status: Ongoing

These are the latest estimated timelines shared by our partner for this specific region!

Please note: New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, India, UAE, and Saudi Arabia. The orders are awaiting the next HUB shipment. Delivery times vary significantly for these countries, and the estimated date will be published as soon as we receive confirmation from VFI.

Hub Shipping date ETA
Japan Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Oct Estimate arrival at hub on 15th Nov
Korea, South Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Oct Estimate arrival at hub on 15th Nov
Singapore Estimate to ship out to hub in early-Nov Estimate arrival at hub on 5th Dec
Philippines Estimate to ship out to hub in early-Nov Estimate arrival at hub on 10th Dec
Taiwan Pending
Thailand Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Oct Estimate arrival at hub on 30th Nov
Malaysia Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Oct Estimate arrival at hub on 25th Nov
India Pending
CN HK MO Send out by SF Express Shipped on October 25th – Individual tracking number should have been received in your email.
Indonesia Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Oct Estimate arrival at hub on 30th Dec
South Africa Estimate to ship out to hub in Late-Nov Estimate arrival at hub in Jan 2024
Australia\New Zealand Estimate to ship out to hub in early-Nov Estimate arrival at hub on 10th Dec