It’s an absolute gem amongst co-op games. I absolutely love this game!

Jon -

Unique gaming experience.

The game is a unique mix of several influences and styles that we love, mixed and balanced together to create a unique game experience.


The modular board, random encounters, enemies, allies and explorations, all create a very high replayability value, ensuring that each game is a new experience.


The Fleet system where the players share their actions, coupled with some very tactical decisions, favors discussions and creates a huge amount of interaction around the table.


Each of the six player Ships have unique abilities, allowing you to evolve and specialize as the game progresses to better suit the team, situation or simply your play style.


Each game is made of key events, tense encounters and nail-biting chases across the galaxy. Coupled with a visual design using a HUD to immerge you in the cockpit, you’ll live a unique story. Yours.

It is such a tight tactical game with lots of tough choices!

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Original Artworks.

We worked with a team of talented artists to bring the world of X-ODUS to life.

Kickstarter Campaign.

In July 2019, the game was successfully funded on Kickstarter by 3590 awesome backers.