We’re both artists (Yann is a musician and Romain a writer) and always strive to create new works that will be more than the sum of their inspirations. We consistently walk the extra mile and try hard to achieve a different and singular result. We aim to imagine games that you haven’t quite played yet, and forge experiences both familiar and innovative.


As natural born perfectionists (read control freaks) we love it when everything flows and is flawlessly executed. A gorgeous and well-thought design doesn’t necessarily make a good game, but we think it can make an already good game absolutely great. That’s why we try to push design and art as far as we can and embrace resolutely modern aesthetics.

The Team

Romain Lesiuk

Game Designer

“Long time gamer of all kinds, I merge all my influences to create something that is truly mine, and love to share my worlds with others.”

Yann Hilaire

Art Director

“I love beauty in all things, whether in a great visual design, or a well-thought game mechanic, and I make sure that our games are always up to the best standards of excellence.”

Freelancers we work with

Ryan Groskamp


Julia Wolter


Marco Gorlei


Grzegorz Pedrycz


Emily Blain